Reflection Six

40" x 30"

Oil on Canvas, 2015

Reflection Six, 2016, is a similarly composed scene featuring a dozen bathers sitting on a deck over the water. Again there are offhand accents of ambiguity that reveal more than initially meets the eye. Here, the point of focus is a male caught at the very instant he has begun a cannonball. Suspended like some gravity-defying yogi, his  reflection below merges like a  rooftop ornament  with the  reflected boathouse behind the deck. While the dock’s posts recede into perspective, the spatial orientation of the boathouse is a conundrum, as is the seaplane seen head-on yet cleverly mimicking—to the point of bare visibility— the trees and grass in the distance.


—  Barry Blinderman

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    Keith Kattner


    "It took me a considerable amount of effort to realize that the rules of art don't always comply with the rules of science. I had to decide which set of rules would supersede the other."

    Once he understood both sets of rules, he could then move forward in his own style with no limits and without hesitation.