Keith Kattner


Keith Kattner, DO, retired from a successful neuro surgery practice at the age of 49 to pursue his first love — art. A prolific researcher, residency program director, and co-founder of the Central Illinois Neuroscience Foundation, Dr. Kattner packed up in December 2010 and moved to Manhattan for two years to immerse himself in the New York art scene and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Seven years and 600 paintings later, Dr. Kattner leads a bohemian existence, roaming like Van Gogh, from his home base in the Midwest to the Hudson River Valley to the Canadian wilds, in constant pursuit of adventure and of the masters that artists dream of surpassing.


“It took me a considerable amount of effort to realize that the rules of art don't always comply with the rules of science. I had to decide which set of rules would supersede the other.” Once he understood both set of rules, he could then move forward in his own style with no limits and without hesitation.


-Ruby Thomas

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