Reflection Five

40" x 30"

oil on canvas, 2015

Here, a plaza by a stream occupied by a few dozen figures beneath a colossal statue of an angel appears as a cascade of triangular configurations, the focal point of which is a man reeling in a fish. This figure’s reflection in the water provides an unexpected incident of congruence, as his inverted figure is subsumed within the wings of the reflected statue, whose hand in turn appears to be capped with a lily pad floating on the surface of the water. To the left, a figure pokes his hand into the water. Though the action of this minimally articulated figure is quite ordinary, an informed viewer might detect an echo of the mythical Narcissus reaching for his reflection in the water. This is the unuttered double entendre of Kattner’s paintings—on the one hand they have the insouciance of folk art, and on the other they’re nodding to the realm of illusion and reality dating back to Velázquez.


—  Barry Blinderman

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